Let’s Do Something

Today’s #Blogtober isn’t about anything that I’m doing with regards to academic life; it’s more important than that. I got back from Birmingham today and I’ve just caught up with freelance projects, still got a new pin to design for a Science On A Postcard client, but I’m sat in my office with the snuggliest of jumpers, the most delicious smelling candle I’ve ever known, and a huge mug of tea – it’s not all bad.

I had fully intended on giving today’s blog post a miss because I just have too much other stuff to do, but instead I’m posting something super quickly that I hope can make a difference to some.

This afternoon my local foodbank posted this on Facebook:

Just take a minute to think about that, every single day in a city with a population of 228,800 residents, 170 people are going to one foodbank – I’m not sure exactly how many foodbanks there are across the city, I know of at least 5. The shelves at CFINE are just about empty, and they are seriously struggling to meet demand.

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People within our communities are hungry. If you can afford to donate something – whether it’s cash, a few tins of soup or a tube of toothpaste, please, please do.
I’ve just donated some money to CFINE, if you have a few pounds to spare I urge you to do the same. Not sure where to start? Find your local foodbank here.